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Research Methods and Writing for the Study of Religion
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On this section of the website we recommend some key texts on research methods in various fields that can be obtained over the Internet for a relatively low price. As far as possible we also recommend older works that are available for free as supplementary texts that students can use in developing their reserach skills. These can be found by clicking on the above links.

In addition to using correct methods students need to learn to write both clearly and according to established academic practice. Here are some works that help with that task:

readable writing   Walter Pauk How to Study in College   write on

The Art of Readable Writing by Rudolf Flesch

  How to Study in College by Walter Pauk   Write On! A Reference Guide for Student Research and Writingby Tom Flanagan.

Various guides about how to write and provide references for academic papers:

The Harvard System of references

The Chicago system of referencing

Turabian's reference system

The Turabian tutor

The Chicago-Turabian style

Studies in Religion Style guide
Saundra Lipton's ReligiousStudies Research Guide
Irving Hexham
Academic Plagiarism Defined - the plague of plagiarism
Forget about Academic Fraud - were you sexually harassed?
The Tyranny of Theory

U of C's History Department guide to writing essays

How to write book reviews


Rodney Stark: On How to Write - used with permission of the author.

Writing a book review

Brief notes on research methods

Recognizing academic bias

Kolapo's guide to writing essays

University of Edinburgh dissertation guidelines

Read the footnotes

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